About the Story

Two small boys, Pedro and Little Brother, trudge many miles through the icy, snowy countryside to see the magical Christmas Eve celebration in the magnificent church at the top of the steep hill. But before they get to the church, they see someone who desperately needs their help, and one of them must stay behind.

Then something amazing happens because of their bravery and kindness. It is a Christmas Eve miracle of the chimes.

The Chimes Story is filled with beautifully colorful pictures, dogs that bark and wag their tails, ducks that quack and birds that fly, music and so much more. It is read aloud to you, and you can turn the pages whenever you want.

“This wonderful 100-year-old story has finally been very beautifully illustrated. My grandchildren read it over and over. The ending will fill your heart with joy and love.”

-Michael Macchiaroli, Grandfather    

“The Chimes Story is a new classic.”     -Brook Ashley, Homeschooler

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